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Here are the people that we show still need to turn in candy money. If you don't turn it in by the end of the day on Monday, your name will go on fees and fines.

Brenda Cantu
Winnie Zheng
Jordan Monroe
Daniela Nuño
David Goodwin
Ana Lezama
Tu Ngo
Joshua Catbagan
Kathleen Nguyen
Ketty Lam
Jonathan Mendoza
Stephanie Tran
Hanaa Khalili
Destiny Lee
Patrick Tran
Erik Nguyen
Ariana Gonzalez
Jessica Sweeten
Christy Cao
Kaitlyn Whitmarsh
Gisselle Madrigal
-Ms. Wendt 11/12

Hey guys! Reach Unlimited is an organization that is dedicated to provide quality support services to physically and mentally challenged clients. We will be going to their Learning and Activity center and we will be hanging out and playing games with their clients. What could be more fun?! We may have to limit the number of spots, so first come, first serve! :If you are going for the FIRST time, please let me know as I will try to fill you in on the information you missed.

I'd like to go to this center every other Thursday!

We will meet at JV at 3:35!!!!

IMPORTANT: I really want a consistent group of people who will be going. So keep that in mind when you sign up.

Lastly, remember to wear your key club shirt and closed toed shoes!

-Amir 11/10/15


We will have a general meeting on Wednesday 11/4/15. 

Location: DOWNstairs LGI


-Alexandra 11/3

Please come pick up a candy box from Ms. Wendt' s portable 104B! Each box is worth 2 HOURS!!!! This helps our end of the year banquet!!

- Alexandra 10/25

Don't forget that Monster Mash is this Saturday on 10/31. FB EVENT PAGE

-Alexandra 10/25


We will have a general meeting on Wednesday 10/22/15. The morning one will be held in the Downstairs LGI and the afternoon meeting will be held in the UPstairs LGI. See y'all there!

-Alexandra 10/19

Many events are this week! Make sure to sign up !

10/15 Reach Unlimited 4:30- 6:00 PM


10/17 Korean Festival 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

FB EVENT PAGE (no more spots updated 10/13)

 Habitat for Humanity 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

FB EVENT PAGE (no more spots updates 10/13)

-Alexandra 10/11


Willowbridge National Night Out is tomorrow! Sign up FB here !

-Alexandra 10/5

Willowbridge is having their annual national night out! They are asking us to help out with the event. There will be 3 shifts:
4-6 pm set up

6:00-7:30 pm- work the festival

7:30-9:00 pm- work & clean up.

You'll get to face paint, dance, help with the games, and pass out food along with setting up or tearing down. This is an awesome event to help the community! No carpooling since the event is super close, and we all meet at the neighborhood clubhouse!

Please go to the Facebook page here
- Hanaa 9/29
Hello Key Club! We have 2 upcoming events this Saturday! The popular St. Max Festival, and the fun Mighty Mud Dash! Shift sign ups for the St. Max Festival can be found here, and visit the FB event page to reserve a shirt size.
-Stephanie 9/29

Hi everyone!

We have this super awesome event on October 17th called (wait for it) KOREAN FESTIVAL!!!! This event will be held at Discovery Green from shifts starting at 7:30 AM to 5 PM. There will be lots of FOOD :D and fun. We need drivers so if y'all can comment on the event page here that would be great! If you need a ride also comment on the event page if you need a ride. Meet up at 6:50 Am at JVHS if you need a ride  and we will be leaving at 7:10! Don't forget to set a alarm clock so you won't be late!!!

-Alexandra Le 9/29

General meeting tomorrow at the Downstairs LGI! You can come at 7 AM or 2:45 PM :) Make sure to bring dues and membership forms with you! See you there!

- Alexandra 9/20

Hey guys! This is a really fun event! Get hyped! Mighty Mud Dash is coming up on October the 3rd. Unlike other runs, after volunteering you'll get to run through the course yourself, FOR FREE! If you're down to get dirty and test your abilities, this is the event for you. Make sure something you don't mind getting dirty in! Also, volunteers are provided with snacks and water!
We will be meeting at the school at 6:35am and leaving to the event at 6:55am
I will send out parking passes and waivers out at a later date
- Amir 9/19

Hey Guys! Come and represent Htown On Sunday September 27th there is going to be a awesome run at the University of Houston! This is a LIMITED SPACE EVENT! THE LIMIT IS 35. It will be first come first serve!
The run is from 5:00- 11:00AM
Volunteers get to go and support runners by passing out water and encouraging them along the way!
I recommend wearing comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet but other wise, what you wear is up to you!
We will be providing rides! The meet up time is at JV High school at 4:00 am and leave at 4:25 am!

-Hanaa 9/17

Hello Key Clubbers!

Thank you everyone for coming to our first meeting of the year! I know all of people didn't get membership forms :( so if you go to the right side of the page, there is a link to the membership forms for you to print and fill out! But if all else fails you can go to either the H House office or Ms. Wendt's portable 104B ( the one with the PALS sign ) for a membership form. See y'all on September 23rd at the meeting!

P.S. Don't forget to bring dues($15) and money for shirts ($10) if you want one :) at the next meeting!

-Alexandra 9/2

Hey guys! This looks like it will be our first of event of the school year! WOOT WOOT! This event will be held on the national day of service. We will be packing 10,000 meals to combat the war on hunger and we will be discussing the importance of community volunteering with veterans and veterans families.
This event will be on September 12 from 12:15-3:00 PM.
-Amir 8/24

Hey guys, enjoying the last few weeks of summer :) School is approaching and what better way to start than being ahead of the GAME!!.Come out to the large commons on August 22 from 8-11 AM and help us advertise KEY CLUB! We'll have refreshments, music, and much more to attract some new comers! :) It will be loads of fun!! while also getting those crucial hours. :) See you there( or else...)

Reminder : Please wear your KEY CLUB SHIRTS !!!

- Neerali 8/15

Hey guys! We are going to have an event at Reach Unlimited on  August 21 from 9:15 AM to 12:00 PM!  It an organization that is dedicated to provide quality support services for people with intellectual and develomental disabilities. This is nothing like we've done before and I think you'll really enjoy it! We will be going to their Learning and Activity center and we will be hanging out and playing games with their clients. What could be more fun?! I really recommend watching the two videos below so you get an idea what this organization is all about.
Lastly, I need some drivers! Where you guys at?!
-Amir 8/10

Hey guys! Saturday, August 1st, there will be an amazing place to volunteer and have some fun. Its the Blacklight run! You will be throwing blacklight powder on runners and doing all sorts of crazy fun stuff! And at the end of it all it will be an epic party.
All you have to do in sign up here for August 1st;

This will be at this is at the Sam Houston Race Track, so its very close by! We will not be providing rides to this event.

Remember, come in clothes you can get dirty in! T-shirt, shorts, and old shoes will be a good idea!

-Amir 7/18

Hey guys! Thursday July 30th there is going to be an amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Children's Museum! THIS IS A LIMITED SPACE EVENT. OUR LIMIT IS 19!!!! It will be from 5:00pm- 8:00pm but considering there is a drive, we will meet up at 3:00pm at JV Hishschool. We will be providing rides!!
At this event you will helping exhibits during their family night! Jeans, khakis, or knee length shorts with a solid tshirt or Key club shirt would be the appropriate attire.
Also, to be able to volunteer you do have to sign a form which will be sent to you if you are able to attend!

-Hanna 7/16
Hey key clubbers i hope your summers are swell! We will be having a social with our lovely sister club Cy- RIdge on July 10, 2015 4- 8 PM. There will be food and games!! What better way to get others than to eat and have fun!
-Matthew 7/2

Hello, Key Clubbers!

 This is going to one of our first events of the summer and we'd love for you to come out and help the Houston community. Just remember closed-toe shoes (NO sandals or flip flops), long shorts or pants (preferred), t-shirt or shirt with sleeves are required. You must go online to register, just click this link below;

-Amir 6/15

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